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The Nursery

Every Sunday morning Infants - 2 year olds join our devoted children's team as they learn about God's love and His Word  in an exciting way as we strive to meet them on their level. Your youngster will have a blast singing, dancing, jumping, clapping, all the while they learn about the love of Jesus in a real and age appropriate way. 



The Treehouse, our  3-4 year old environment was designed to exciting, and spark the imagination and creativity of your child. Each week your child will engage in  a memorable message designed to capture their attention while teaching them an age appropriate core idea, such as honoring your parents, and loving your neighbor.



In Kid's Zone children age 5-grade 5 with engage  in in a worship service designed just for them. From singing, playing fun games, and a hearing a creative relevant message, your child will see how different stories from the Bible are not just things that happened in the past, but they will discover how to apply what they hear in an exciting relevant life transforming way. 

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